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Côte Brasserie Supports Local Art Students

Following Côte’s recent pop-up art event, we caught up with Andrew Gallagher, Group Marketing Director at Côte Brasserie, to discuss how the company is helping local art students to make their mark.

What Does British Art Mean to You?

Diversity. I love the fact that British art is so varied. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, something else crops up and surprises you. It’s exciting to see the wonderful creations that emerging artists are producing.

Why Do You Feel It’s Important To Support Young Artists?

We all have to start somewhere, and without support, many artists would struggle to make it. That just doesn’t seem fair to me. That’s why Côte jumped at the chance to help these young artists showcase their masterpieces.

It takes courage to enter an industry that’s so competitive and also to put yourself out there. After all, art is so personal; it’s an insight into someone’s world.

Cuisine isn’t that far removed from art when you think about it. Both are a type of expressionism – an art form, if you will – and take dedication and skill to perfect.

Who Is Your Favourite British Artist?

There are so many wonderfully talented British artists to choose from. If I had to choose, my personal favourite would be David Bowie. As part of our celebration of British art, we’ve collated the most influential British artists and looked at the influence they’ve had on the art community.

What Are Your Thoughts On The Art Community?

When we think of art, it’s easy to think of it as paint on a canvas, but it’s so much more than that. It’s performances, visual masterpieces and outstanding designs to name just a few. The art community quite literally adds colour to our lives. Its impact is everywhere if you just take a moment to look around you.

Were You Always Interested In Art Growing Up?

Art has never been my strong point but I’ve enjoyed it from a young age. As I’ve grown up, I’ve truly learnt to appreciate a variety of art forms and the time and effort that it takes to create them.

Do You Prefer Multimedia Artists, Performance Artists or Reality Artists?

I don’t have a favourite type of art. It very much depends on what mood I’m in. To be honest, I’ve yet to find one that I don’t like.

What Do You Think The Next Innovation In Art Will Be?

Just like fashion and music, art comes full circle. Each reimagining builds on the previous one, so I think we will see a resurgence of previous art forms but using new and exciting techniques. I also think that virtual reality will play a big part in how we experience art and make it a sensory adventure.

What Other Plans Do You Have To Support Local Artists?

We are working closely with arts universities to support their students more. Anything we can do to put the spotlight on the talent in the UK.