We’re in the midst of one our favourite times of year for fresh produce at Côte: it’s British asparagus season! Running throughout May and June, this time of year is the best period for growing and harvesting this fantastic spring vegetable.

The asparagus season is notoriously short, with British farmers only having the opportunity to enjoy this produce for two months. At Côte, we like to work closely with all of our suppliers and try to source only the best local ingredients: our partnership with Wye Valley is no different.

Based in Herefordshire, this family-run farm grows an abundance of delicious asparagus for us every year. Harvesting since 2003, Wye Valley is now one of the UK’s most innovative asparagus growers and we’re proud to plate up their produce in all of our asparagus-inspired dishes throughout May and June.


Cut by hand by the farmers at Wye Valley every day, the asparagus goes through a special process using advanced technology to hydra-cool the produce and lock in all the nutritious goodness and unique flavour that Wye Valley work to create. This process of getting the crop cooled as soon as possible is the key to producing the best British asparagus. Before the day is up, the freshly picked asparagus will arrive at our Côte restaurants across the country, ready to be prepared and served up by our expert chefs. This vegetable really does go straight from farm to plate.

Our relationship with Wye Valley has been flourishing for five years now and together we are able to deliver the highest-quality ingredients and commit to serving up authentic French classic dishes to our customers. Wye Valley’s attention to detail is what makes their asparagus crops so special. This spring vegetable thrives in our beautiful British climate and the mineral-rich surrounding growing environment. Here, the crops grow slowly and consistently, unlike crops from abroad that often sprout quickly because of their hotter climates. Combined with Wye Valley’s dedication to cooling and washing by hand, we are able to deliver the best grade ingredients in our restaurants.

So, what makes asparagus such a special vegetable? Well, its unique flavour makes it a vegetable that can not only be prepared as a great accompanying side dish, but can also stand up on its own. Delicate, smooth and complex, asparagus is a vegetable that is difficult to describe for those who are beginners, so the only way to know is to go and try it yourself!

Check out our menus for more information and join us for asparagus before the season is over! Book a table today.