Happy Bastille Day! We’re very excited to be celebrating another ‘Fête Nationale’ at Côte Brasserie and enjoying all the delicious dishes on our new July menu

France celebrates this national holiday every year on 14th July to mark the date of the storming of the Bastille and the start of the French Revolution. For all our fellow French enthusiasts out there, here’s everything you need to know about France’s biggest national day and why it is celebrated.


What Happened at the Storming of the Bastille?

On 14 July 1789, the medieval fortress and prison of Bastille was attacked by angry crowds who opposed the monarchy and rule of King Louis XVI. Tensions were boiling in France, with the monarchy failing and taxes and food prices being hiked. Many members of the public wanted to hit back against the feudal system so they targeted a symbol of royal rule – the Bastille.

A violent battle ensued as 300 revolutionaries attacked the Bastille and attempted to gain possession of the armoury stash. Within a few weeks, feudalism was abolished and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was adopted as part of the constitution.

Louis XVI and his queen Marie Antoinette were later executed as the country entered a long period of political instability before Napoleon Bonaparte became Emperor of France, ruling for the next 15 years.


Do We Celebrate Bastille Day in the UK?

Although the UK’s celebrations aren’t anywhere near as impressive as those in France or other French-speaking regions around the world, ‘le 14 juillet’ is still celebrated in some areas including London.
London is now considered as France’s sixth biggest city, with the neighbourhood of South Kensington and the foodie destination of Borough Market celebrating the date every year. With approximately 300,000 French people living in the UK, the festivities are still set to be big!

Celebrate Bastille Day with Côte Brasserie

If you fancy a taste of France, pop in to one of our restaurants for a leisurely brunch or delicious lunch or dinner. We’ll be serving a host of traditional French dishes, inspired by the brasseries of Paris.

The provenance and seasonality of ingredients is an important part of our sourcing, ensuring our food is of the highest quality. This month, we are excited to introduce a brand-new tuna carpaccio starter, as well a summer-inspired rump of lamb and zesty crème brûlée au citron for dessert.

We are also launching an exciting Bastille Day competition, giving entrants the chance to win a trip to Paris. The competition is open throughout July, so enter now to be in with a chance of being whisked away to the French capital.

Book a Table for Bastille Day

Find your local Côte and book a table today to join us for the Bastille Day celebrations. We’ll be continuing the festivities all month on the Côte blog, so don’t miss out on all the future posts that will be coming soon!

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