We’re embracing everything Parisian at Côte in celebration of Bastille Day. To celebrate France’s biggest national holiday, we’re bringing you a whole host of delicious food inspiration from the largest food market in the world, Rungis International Market.

As Paris is the inspirational home of Côte, there’s no better place for us to head back to for this month’s Côte To Table. Founded in 1969, Rungis Market is famous for specialising in fresh produce and supplies ingredients to businesses and restaurants all over the world. This includes our very own Côte Brasseries!

We use only the best, freshest and most authentic ingredients and it’s important to us that we know exactly where all of our ingredients come from. From freshly picked vegetables to aged wines, all of our producers are carefully selected to help us source fantastic food that is perfect for our dishes.

Côte at Rungis International Market

We love using authentic French ingredients at Côte and often look to Rungis when we need something special. Our July menu in particular features Rungis Market produce heavily, with favourites such as Charentais melons and French cheeses making an appearance.

In order to get only the best produce, we build up special relationships with our suppliers, who understand the importance of the authentic ingredients that go into our classic French dishes.


Visiting Rungis International Market

If we’ve got your taste buds going, we’re sure you’d love to visit just as much as we do! Unfortunately, Rungis is only open to buyers, so it is not an easy place to visit. However, as Rungis supplies to some of the best restaurants and cafés in Paris, the best way for tourists to experience it is by eating their way through all of the food establishments in the city.

Why not plan a city break to one of the most beautiful and gastronomic cities on earth and fit in a pitstop to a few of our favourite foodie spots? We’re also offering Côte fans a chance to win a trip for two to Paris, so enter now for a chance to visit!