There are an estimated 300,000 French people in London at any one time, although the figures differ widely depending on who you ask. Whatever the correct number, there are certainly plenty of things to keep them all busy in our capital city.


Whether you’re missing your French home or you just enjoy the joie de vivre of French culture, there are more than a few Gallic-themed attractions and entertainments to take in when you’re next visiting London.

Le Matin

Why not start by sampling some of the best French paintings at the National Gallery? Here, you can view masterpieces by the likes of Cézanne, Monet and Seurat.


Alternatively, spend an hour or two admiring the wonderful Wallace Collection. Situated in an historic London townhouse, the Wallace Collection contains a superb collection of 18th-century French furniture, paintings, porcelain and gold boxes, widely considered the best of its kind to be found anywhere outside France.

After this, stop and stare at the city’s oldest-surviving blue plaque, on 3 King Street in Westminster, which marks the spot where Napoleon III lived in 1848.

If you need to check the time, go and see Little Ben, at the intersection of Vauxhall Bridge Road and Victoria Street, also in Westminster, close to Victoria Station. This little brother to Big Ben is a cast-iron miniature clock tower permanently set on Daylight Saving Time – so during the winter months the time is always correct in Paris!


During the afternoon, if you’re still unsure what to do in London, you could head to one of the many French shops, which include perfumeries and fromageries, to stock up on some premium French goods.


If it’s raining, why not catch a French film at one of the French cinemas in the city? These include Ciné Lumière, a lovely Art Deco cinema within the French Institute in Kensington, which screens both new releases and classics on a regular basis.

Le Soir

An evening in London would not be complete without taking in a West End show, and there are usually a few French-themed ones to choose from. Phantom of the Opera is always a good bet, or sing along to the George and Ira Gershwin melodies in An American in Paris – a show which has, of course, wowed audiences in Paris itself. No French theatre experience can quite beat the huge international hit which is Les Misérables. Seen by more than 70 million people around the world, and still breaking box-office records, this astonishing piece of musical theatre is set against the backdrop of 19th-century France and tells an enthralling story of unrequited love, broken dreams, passion, sacrifice and redemption.


If musicals are not quite your thing, you may be tempted by the more authentic entertainment provided by French cabaret Soirée Pompette, a variety night in Exmouth Market, with live performances, bingo and a bar – all in French!


After all of this, you’re bound to be hungry, and what better way to round off a French day out in London than with a tasty meal at an authentic French restaurant?


The Côte French Brasseries & Bistros have been inspired by the brasseries of Paris and offer all-day dining, serving a wide range of authentic French classics made only from the highest-quality, fresh ingredients.


On the menu are delicious classics such as moules marinières and tuna niçoise and, for dessert, mouthwatering crème brûlée. Book now for a great way to finish off your French-themed day in the capital.