We  love celebrating Christmas at Côte Brasserie, and we do it with thousands of people across the country each and every year. The holiday season is a moment for fun, spending time with the people you care about and celebrating another great year.

We’d love to be part of your Christmas party this year. Whether that means gathering your friends, your family or your office, if looking to celebrate before November 30th this year, we’ll help you get the party started with a free bottle of sparkling Crémant de Bourgogne as our gift to you!

Celebrating Together

For many families, Christmas is the one time of year you can guarantee everyone will turn up to celebrate with you. There is nothing quite like taking some real time away from our busy lives to make the most of the holidays.

Ensuring that you take time off from a hectic and busy life is paramount to protecting your health and happiness, and to strengthening your bonds with the people that count. It doesn’t matter who you choose to party with; what matters is that you are sharing great experiences, discussing your lives and sharing your ideas or plans for the coming year.

Combining French Food with Christmas Tradition

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a fine combination of outstanding foods, following in centuries of holiday traditions. For a slight twist on a traditional dinner, you could opt for a duck confit this year. Or if you are vegetarian, maybe the mushroom cassoulet is the dish you’ll choose to mark the occasion.

Have a member of your party who is gluten intolerant? No problem. At Côte, we continue to ensure that no member of your party has to miss out by providing lots of tasty options on our gluten-free Christmas menu.

If you’re too late for the free bottle of Crémant de Bourgogne, or simply want another option, we have created a Christmas drinks menu offer, above and beyond our usual wine menu. We also provide a range of great beers and ciders, alongside soft drinks for those that prefer to leave the alcohol until after dinner!

Whatever you and your group are choosing to eat from our delicious Christmas menus, you can rest assured that the same level of passion, specialist knowledge and care will be taken, so that you can have a fantastic Christmas party that you’ll remember for years to come. This year mark the occasion in style by booking your Christmas party today.