Historically, Christmas represents a chance to relax while catching up with family and friends!

However, with the pressures of modern life being what they are, and ever-increasing numbers of people moving away in order to find work, the logistics of meeting up with loved ones can be challenging. Some, particularly those in the emergency services and the medical and caring professions, as well as those working in retail, hospitality and similar industries, will be required to work some or all of the Christmas break.

In other words, cramming everything into the few short days of the average Christmas break is simply not possible for many people. It makes sense, therefore, to think outside the box a little and consider planning a Christmas reunion before the main festive period.

If the idea appeals, it is sensible to plan well in advance. The more notice you can give people, the more chance there is of finding a date that suits everyone. If you are the organiser, you will also need to think about where to meet. It is simpler if everyone is coming from a similar geographical area, but may be slightly complicated if  everybody is spread out across the country.

When it comes to settling on a venue Côte Brasserie is the ideal place for your festive reunion.  A  Christmas catch-up is also the perfect excuse to enjoy a bonus festive celebration. If gifts are going to form part of the gathering, don’t forget to warn people in advance. No-one likes turning up empty-handed if everyone else is clutching a gift for a Secret Santa exchange.

Finally, and most importantly, enjoy your holiday season, wherever
you are in the world. If you do choose to share your reunion with your friends and family at Côte Brasserie this year, we invite you to book your place today.