Mother’s Day is synonymous with love, togetherness and family time. It’s a day where we honour and celebrate mothers – and mother figures. So, with Mothering Sunday just a few days away, we’re turning the spotlight on mums and highlighting all the wonderful things they do for us.

What is Mothering Sunday?

Mothering Sunday, more commonly known as Mother’s Day, is a day to show gratitude to mums, maternal figures and the influential women in our lives, giving thanks for everything they do.

Deriving from religious origins, Mother’s Day has now become a more commercial holiday, though the sentiment still stands: the day to celebrate mums.

The date of Mother’s Day changes every year, which is due to the date of Easter as Mothering Sunday always falls on the fourth Sunday of Lent – determined by the lunar calendar.

In more recent times, Mother’s Day is about showering mum with gifts, love and appreciation, along with getting together as a family and spending quality time. Whilst traditionally, children used to rise early and make fresh bread for mums, nowadays mums are treated to beautiful bouquets of flowers and special family time as we get everyone together and spoil mum with a meal out; in most instances so she doesn’t have to cook.

The Ideal Way to Spend Mother’s Day

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Make memories over meal time and enjoy time out with the special woman in your life, with Côte Brasserie. We look forward to welcoming you this Mother’s Day – the ideal way to spend quality time with the family. Bonne Fête Maman.

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