The rhubarb season is now in full swing and the markets are flush with this vibrantly-coloured vegetable (yes, rhubarb is technically a vegetable - who knew?!). What better way to savour this tangy-delight, than served in an elegant rhubarb cocktail?  

Currently at its very best, rhubarb is the star ingredient of the Rhubarb Martini, featured on our May SpecialsIn this cocktail we shake seasonal rhubarb purée with gin, lemon juice and egg white, finishing with a sprinkle of delicate rose petals.  

In the temperate climate of the UK, rhubarb is one of the earliest crops harvested. The first rhubarb of the year, forced rhubarb, is harvested during January to early March in the nine square miles of forcing sheds dotted around the ‘Rhubarb Triangle’ – predominantly between Leeds, Wakefield, and Bradford. Interestinglythis area was granted ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ (PDO) status relatively recently in 2007. This means that only a handful of growers, all located within this Rhubarb triangle, can now legally use the name ‘Yorkshire Forced Rhubarb’.  

Here at Côte, we applaud this decision and are delighted to see more of the best of British produce being recognised and protected. These rhubarb farmers join the other 86 British producers on the safeguarded list, including Welsh Lamb, Cornish Sardines, and Jersey Royal potatoes.   

Slightly later, in early April to June, British outdoor-grown rhubarb crops come into season. With its ability to thrive without too much attention, and its early seasonal availability within the food calendarit really is star produce.  Once harvested, the glossy watermelon-pink stalks can be used for a wide variety of dishes.  

Its complex flavour, low acidity, and outrageous colour are highly regarded by chefs and mixologists alike. Our Rhubarb Martini has been created to showcase the distinct flavour of this delicious seasonal ingredient. Slightly sweetened, so that it remains lightly tart and tangy, the Rhubarb Martini is a fragrant and refreshing apéritif. Why not give it a try today?