Blood Oranges are at the height of their season at the beginning of the year and our February cocktail makes the most of these jewel-coloured beauties. 

To create the Blood Orange Martini, we shake seasonal blood orange juice with Absolut Vodka and Cointreau, sweetening with a dash of blood orange syrup, before straining into a Martini glass (hence the name). The drink is then simply garnished with slice of fresh blood orange. 

Depending on the variety, blood oranges come into season during the winter months in the northern hemisphere and can last through until May. As the name suggests, the flesh of the blood orange is bright ruby red in colour, sometimes with flecks of red surrounding the skin. The concentration of the red inside depends on the particular type of orange and its growing conditions.  

This vibrant colour is thanks to a natural plant pigment called Anthocyanin, a powerful antioxidant which can appear red as in cherries and cabbage, or blue as in blueberries, cornflowers or even aubergines! These little red miracles contain high levels of vitamin C as well as other health benefiting vitamins and nutrients – a cocktail that’s good for you as well as delicious! 

The simple act of mixing vodka with orange has been done many times over and the combination even has a name – the Screwdriver.  Legend has it that this peculiar moniker for the drink was originally coined back in the mid-twentieth century. American oil workers in the Persian Gulf would spike their orange juice with vodka to help see them through the long and dangerous hours. Lacking the appropriate cocktail utensil to stir the drink, the workers resorted to using a handy screwdriver, and the name has stuck ever since. 

To add a French twist to this well-loved drink, we have supplemented it with some Cointreau.  This fine orange liqueur adds depth to the citrus flavour, whilst also elevating it from an oil rig favourite, to an apéritif fit for a brasserie! Cointreau was originally developed in the Loire Valley in 1849 by Edouard Cointreau in order to cater for the growing consumer demand for the exotic taste of oranges. The crystal-clear liqueur is crafted through the unique distillation of all-natural sweet and bitter orange peels, striking the perfect balance between sweetness and freshness. 

Enjoy our twist on this classic as the perfect drink to whet your appetite before dining with us this February.