Romance, affection, mutual respect: terms that conjure up feelings of love and adoration; emotions that are heightened in the lead up to the most romantic day of the year – Valentine’s Day.

Love encompasses so many sentiments, and as such, celebrating this feeling is a joyous occasion. To better understand the significance of love and courting, and the special role it plays in the hearts of the nation, we decided to delve into this wonderful feeling, to unearth themes around what you and your loved one enjoy most when it comes to dating and dining out.

We’ve explored attitudes to relationships and feelings, seeking to discover how we like to celebrate the month of love. With this in mind, or perhaps in heart, we discovered that we are in a realm of gastronomes with almost half of those in a survey conducted by Côte, opting for a restaurant date as a display of love and affection; it is at a restaurant that one in ten British men believe is the most romantic way to propose, too.

With dinner dates proving to be the most popular and Saint Valentin almost upon us, it seems our stomachs are filling with more than just butterflies.

As a nation that yearns for love, it’s no surprise that most are looking to book in a romantic evening with their loved one. After all, the way to the heart is through the stomach.

Dining Out this Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for a way to spoil your special someone this Valentine’s day, joining the romantic atmosphere at your local Côte Brasserie restaurant is definitely the way to go. With our Saint-Valentin menu filled with French fare, crafted by our expert chefs and inspired by the most romantic city of all, our bistro is the perfect backdrop to your romantic evening.

Indulge in mouth-watering dishes from our speciality three-course menu at just £28.95 per person, or make your visit extra special with our wine pairing menu (£39.95), where each wine has been hand selected to complement the flavours of your meal – a match made in heaven with fine food and an ambience to melt your heart.

The Côte Saint-Valentin menu is available in all of our French brasseries between February 10th – 16th.

A Match Made in Foodie Heaven

At Côte, we’re connoisseurs of French cuisine and put high-quality, fresh ingredients at the forefront of every dish that our dedicated chefs create. With fantastic flavour on ever plate, you’ll enjoy a sumptuous selection of our signature main dishes, such as fresh Chateaubriand, aromatic Duck Confit “à l’orange” or succulent Poulet Rôti.

To complete your meal, our chefs have put together an Assiette Gourmande: an indulgent dessert to share with someone special.

We also offer wine pairings for each choice, so your evening goes smoothly from start to finish, this Valentine’s Day.

You’ll see a wide selection of French wines picked to elevate the flavours of your meal; rich and fruity reds and crisp whites are the perfect pairing for your dishes, and at only £39.95 per person for our complete wine pairing menu, your Valentine’s experience is taken care of.