Although it’s hard to believe with the recent snow and freezing temperatures, the first of March marks the start of Spring (meteorologically speaking at least). Whilst the weather might not always feel very ‘spring like’, our cocktail of the month is bursting with the blossoming scent of the new season.

It may be a little while yet until elderflower season – but what’s to stop us enjoying the elixir of a previous harvest? And with Mother’s Day just around the corner, there’s never been a better time for a floral treat.

Made with the French elderflower liqueur of the same name, our St-Germain Spritz makes for a refreshing apéritif. Built over plenty of ice, the St-Germain liqueur is topped up with Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine and a splash of soda to give it it's ‘Spritz’. We finish this aromatic drink with a twist of lemon peel and edible viola flowers, which are one of the few flowers that bloom in both winter and spring.

St-Germain was the world’s first natural elderflower liqueur. Named after the chic quartier of St-Germain-des-Près, the striking angular bottle recalls 1920s Belle Époque Paris. But it’s the quality inside the bottle that has made it a favourite with the world’s top bartenders. Each bottle of this pollen-gold liqueur is said to contain more than 1,000 fresh elderflower blossoms, hand-picked from the hillsides of the French Alps.

Harvesting the fragile flower heads whilst their freshness and aromas are at their peak is a race against time. Once picked, the flowers go through a traditional warm maceration process, as to extract as much flavour as possible. The elderflower infusion is then carefully decanted and filtered, before being blended with previous extractions to obtain the exact fragrance and flavour profile required. Eau-de-vie de vin (grape brandy) is then added along with water, sugar, and neutral grain spirit to complete the finished product. Every bottle of St-Germain is individually numbered to reflect the year in which the flowers were picked as a mark of natural quality.

The subtle notes of peach, honeysuckle, and grapefruit make St-Germain a perfect liqueur for crafting high-quality cocktails with still or sparkling white wine. We use our Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine to complete our spritz. Made from white wine from white grapes, the vibrant citrus and apple aromas pair perfectly with the floral sweetness of St-Germain.

So instead of a bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day, why not treat her to lunch at Côte, starting your celebrations with a sparkling and blossoming St-Germain Spritz?