What a year 2020 has been and, as we enter the festive season, it's time to start our celebrations, albeit perhaps more modest ones than we are used to.

To help you to get into the spirit of the season, we have created a list of four festive cocktails, for you to enjoy as apéritif, during your meal, or even with your dessert.

Figue Royale

A twist on our signature Kir Royale, bursting with festive flavour.

Crème de Figue is made by macerating fresh figs in a beet neutral alcohol. This sweet, golden amber nectar has a rich prune and cinnamon-spice aroma with flavours of authentic dried and fresh figs on the palate.

We top with Blanc de Blancs sparkling wine and, for an extra dose of festive flavour, garnish with Star Anise.

St-Germain Gin and Tonic

No Côte cocktail list would be complete without our most popular apéritif - the St-Germain Gin and Tonic!

We mix equal parts of gin and St-Germain elderflower liqueur, a large scoop of ice and plenty of tonic water, and garnish with a rosemary sprig and juniper berries to create this aromatic drink.


First created in the 1920’s, this Parisian classic features an elegant combination of Cointreau, Courvoisier and fresh lemon juice.

Like many classics, the origin of the Sidecar is much disputed but is thought to have been invented around the end of the First World War. One story suggests the drink was devised to ‘warm-up’ an American Army captain who often travelled to a Parisian bar in the sidecar of his friends motorbike. The bartender mixed warming Cognac with Cointreau and lemon juice, thus the Sidecar was born. 

Espresso Martini

A blend of vodka, Kahlúa and fresh coffee, this contemporary favourite works equally well as an apéritif or as a digestif.

Created by legendary London bartender Dick Bradsel in the early eightiesThe story goes that a famous model entered the Soho Brasserie where he was working, and asked him to create a drink that would wake her up 

Our Espresso Martini follows Bradsel's original idea, combining a generous measure of Absolut Vodka, shot of espresso, some Kahlúa and a little dash of sugar syrup, to round and intensify the flavour. All ingredients are shaken hard over ice, before straining into the iconic Martini glass, garnished with roasted coffee beans, which rest upon the thick, golden coffee crema. 

So, this December, we invite you to join us for some festive merriment. We'll take care of the warm welcome, the delicious food and the cosy atmosphere - all that is left for you to do is choose which cocktail to enjoy!