I’ve been working at Côte for just over 4 years, I started in Côte as an Apprentice studying Level 2 Food and Beverage. I was the shyest person you could have ever met, who would not talk to anyone. However, my General Manager at the time saw my potential and was incredibly patient. I believe that everything I was taught on the apprenticeship course and the time my manager invested in me made me who I am today. It just opened my eyes to a career in hospitality.

I had never thought of a career in hospitality before; I was a young 18-year-old, a fresh-faced school leaver who was coming into Côte as a commis waitress and had never worked in the hospitality industry before. I knew nothing, but the skills and knowledge that I learned on my level 2 qualification were terrific. Over the years, this has taken me from a commis waitress to waitress then, supervisor, and now an assistant manager. I always imagined myself in a career within travel and tourism or something similar, but now I have realised that I have transferable skills that I can use worldwide.

Bonnie Gardini – Level 3 Hospitality Supervisor (F&B Enhanced) Apprentice

I am close to completing my Level 3 qualification and predicted a distinction, a massive confidence boost for me. This has supported me in my current role with managing working relationships, motivating the team, and communicating with the wider business. Once I have both qualifications behind me, I know that I can do anything, along with broadening my career options. I may consider the level 4 hospitality manager apprenticeship, which could support me if I were to become an Assistant General Manager or General Manager. Completing a qualification through an apprenticeship is so much easier when you are doing the job simultaneously. You are learning the knowledge one day and the next putting it into practice and applying it to your day-to-day work life.

If anyone is thinking about completing a qualification to support their career but is a little hesitant, my advice would be just do it. You know it’s going to be hard work, and it’s going to be daunting, but you’ve just got to give it a go as it’s very rewarding in the end. Anyone thinking of taking on an apprentice in their restaurant is an excellent opportunity to invest in people looking to shine in the food and hospitality industry while retaining employees through upskilling.

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