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Rebecca Tooth

Central Operations Director

Rebecca joined as a General Manager leading some of our most high-profile restaurants. Rebecca has also coached and inspired many people within the company such as. Through sheer determination and hard work, she progressed her way to Operations Director. Rebecca’s commitment to Côte is absolute, as is her commitment to the people that work for us, who share her passion.

Paul Livesey

BOH Operations Director

Paul joined Côte in 2008, he helped Côte enforce their group identity which was crucial for success. In 2010 he was promoted to Operations Manager opening successful restaurants within the company. Now our BOH Operations Director he works very closely with our CEO and Area Chefs to ensure that the dishes on our menu are of highest quality and true to French cookery.

Adelle Pearman

FOH Operations Director

Adelle joined us in 2010 as General Manager and since then her drive and unwavering passion for Cote has led her to work in many different roles throughout the business. She has worked to support new restaurant Openings, was a member of the training team before becoming an Area Manager, progressing to Regional Operations Manager and most recently has been working on projects within the wider group before returning to Cote as Front of House Operations Director. She is a great example of how hard work and determination can be rewarded with career progression. Adelle is particularly passionate about our people and their continued development, as well as ensuring we always deliver the genuine guest care that is so embedded in the culture at Cote

Ben McCarthy

Area Manager

Ben joined as an Assistant Manager when Brighton opened in 2010. Ben was soon promoted to Assistant General Manager. In 2014, he was offered chance to open a Côte in Reigate where he led two restaurants. Always encouraged to seek as much training as possible throughout his Côte journey, he progressed and became an Area Manager in 2017. Ben enjoys working for Côte because of the values Côte delivering great service and quality.

Lesley Turner

General Manager

Lesley has worked for Côte since 2010 starting as a Waitress in Birmingham. Since then, she has developed to General Manager all in the space of 3 years, managing one of our newest restaurants. Lesley loves working for Côte because of the passion for perfection - to exceed both the guests’ and teams’ expectations at all costs and the drive to help the Company grow and expand.

Patryk Zal

Head Chef

Patryk joined Côte as a Kitchen Porter in Côte Wimbledon back in 2008, after just two weeks into the role he moved into the starter section of the kitchen where he was responsible for all starters and desserts. After this he moved to Côte Richmond where he got promoted to the role of Junior Sous Chef. Patryk then got involved in restaurants openings. After working hard opening new restaurants and sharing his knowledge with new teams of Chefs, he then moved to open Kingston as Head Chef. What he most enjoys about Côte is the people, quality of food and the passion that his teams have for cooking the food.

Where We Grow

We have the power and freedom to shape our own future and fulfil our dreams and ambitions. We never stop learning and we constantly strive to exceed every expectation.