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Enter your email address below and we will resend any available rewards to you.

Sometimes security settings can prevent the browser from accessing the final page of the reservations process. Try accessing the email on a different device or browser, perhaps try on a smartphone or a different computer if you have one.

If you are still not able to book you can forward the email and your desired booking details to the restaurant you would like to book and they can complete this for you, using your personal rewards booking link.

Most Rewards are available to use at any Côte, you can select the restaurant you would like to book on the first page of the booking journey.

Occasionally we may send you an extra reward which is only valid at a particular restaurant, these Rewards are bonuses which are not related to your visit frequency.

To earn further Côte Rewards, all of your visits must be recorded on our system, the easiest is to book online via our website.

You can also book over the phone or in person, if you mention that you are part of Côte Rewards the restaurant will ensure that they record the visit against the correct guest record and email address.

Quandoo loyalty points are completely separate from Côte Rewards, meaning that each reservation you make through Quandoo can earn you both Côte Rewards and Quandoo loyalty points.

You can always walk-in without a reservation, if you let the restaurant know you are on Côte Rewards they can register your visit for you using your email address.

You can now book to use a Reward as little as 30 minutes in advance, simply make a reservation through your rewards email.

Our restaurants will always be happy to offer a soft-drink alternative to non-drinkers. Although some of our rewards do include alcohol, there are lots that are food-based also.

The main details for each reward will be outlined in each reward email. Any further t&cs can be viewed at the foot of each page during the rewards booking journey.

Unfortunately each offer is only for 30 days after you have clicked to book. Once an offer has expired it cannot be reissued.

There are no cards for Côte Rewards as visits are tracked via our bookings system. To ensure that your visits are logged, please always use the name and email address that you used to register to Côte Rewards when booking or mention this to staff upon arrival.

We base your Rewards on number of visits. Always use the name and email address that you registered with Côte Rewards when booking or upon arrival, to earn further Rewards throughout the year.

To make sure your booking counts towards your next Reward, always use your registered name and email address when booking.

If you have not found the answer to your question here, please submit your question using the Rewards form.