Gender Pay Gap Report 2019 Côte Restaurants Limited

As a company, Côte Restaurants places a huge emphasis on its people who are central to our business and what we do each day. Fairness, equal opportunities, diversity and inclusion are all values we adopt in how we recruit, manage and reward our people.

We are committed to offering equal pay for equal work in all roles, regardless of gender, and this is reflective in the attached data.

Fairness and equal opportunity are applied to our recruitment policies and the internal development and progression pathways we offer, ensuring no barriers exist to anyone wishing to grow with us. As a business we also operate a number of shift patterns, spanning a wide number of opening hours, to enable flexibility in what hours/shifts we can offer, especially to those who may have other commitments to manage.

We strongly believe that transparency is essential in building trust and fairness within our teams. We welcome the opportunity to record the six calculations that show the comparison between the average (mean and median) earnings of men and women in our organisation, as required by the government, under the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) 2017. This report is published here on our company website and on the government website.

I confirm that the Gender Pay and Bonus Gap calculations and the data provided for Côte Restaurants Limited are accurate and were calculated using data for 5th April 2019.

Kirsten Price
Talent Director


Mean Gender Pay Gap
Male mean pay rate is 0.6% lower than female mean pay rate.

Median Gender Pay Gap
The gender pay gap between male and female median pay is 0.0%

Mean Bonus Gender Pay Gap
Male mean bonus pay is 13.2% higher than female mean bonus pay

Median Bonus Gender Pay Gap
Male median bonus pay is 49.4% higher than female mean bonus pay

Proportions of Males and Females receiving a bonus payment

Male: 7.5%
Female: 5.5%

Quartile Salary Range Banding

Male:           Female:

Upper                      67.9%           32.1%
Upper Middle         69.0%           31.0%
Lower Middle         67.0%           33.0%
Lower                      59.4%           40.6%



Our mean gender pay gap shows that we pay our female workforce 0.6% higher than men and the mean gender pay gap is 0.00%.


The bonus available to be earned is the same for all managers in operational roles.

In this year there were more males that achieved the criteria to earn the bonus and they predominately worked in the senior operations team and back of house management teams.

Pay Quartiles

These are calculated based on listing the lowest to highest paid member of our team and splitting into 4 equal quartiles.

The bulk of our employees, 97%, are based in restaurants so are represented across all the quartiles.

In line with the restaurant industry, our back of house staff/kitchen team are predominately male, with fewer females applying to work in these roles, such as chefs. As a company we endeavour to attract females where possible, encouraging a strong career path and training for all within this department.