Côte Restaurants Group Ltd Human Trafficking and Slavery Statement

1. Summary

The United Kingdom Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires certain businesses to provide disclosure concerning their efforts, if any, to ensure there is no modern slavery or trafficking in their organisation or supply chain.

The following is a voluntary statement made by Côte Restaurant Group Ltd (Côte) indicating its policies and actions with regard to modern slavery for the 2020/21 financial year. Cote will provide an updated statement, pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (MSA), at the end of the financial year.


2. Coverage of this statement

Cote Restaurants is a chain of branded restaurants that operates with a group of companies. This statement applies to all the companies in the group as listed below:

CompanyRole of Company
Better Taste Holdings 1 limitedUltimate parent holding company
Better Taste Holdings 2 LimitedIntermediate holding company
Cote Restaurant Group LimitedRestaurant operating company
Greenfield Food Supply LimitedProduction and Kitchen company
Cote Deliveries LimitedRetail Company
Cote Restaurant Collection LimitedCurrently dormant


3. Description of business and supply chain

3.1       Description of business

Côte is a group of restaurants specialising in French bistro cuisine. It has over 80 restaurants in the United Kingdom and over 2,500 employees. Within Côte Restaurant Group Ltd., a central Commercial Team is responsible for the approval of suppliers and the procurement of food, drinks and consumables to all aspects of the business. The People Team is responsible for the implementation of and monitoring compliance with the applicable Human Resources legislation. Other service providers will be managed on a departmental basis.

Business ethics are at the heart of the Côte business model.  Promoting positive change is at the heart of everything that we do. This philosophy also sits at the heart of our employment policies and our supply chain management.  We aim to bring positive change to the communities in which we serve.  We also take extremely seriously our legal and compliance obligations in our business conduct and strive to observe these fully.  This includes our duties under the MSA.

Côte adopts a zero tolerance stance in relation to modern slavery.  Côte is extending its existing policies to set out our comprehensive and uncompromising values in relation to these issues.  The intention is to create a clear and concrete declaration of principles which leaves no doubt in relation to our position on these matters.

3.2       Description of our supply chain

Members of our supply chain include sellers of direct ingredients and wholesalers from the UK and the rest of the World, as well as suppliers of business inputs such as physical office premises, information technology and office suppliers.  We require high standards of our supply chain.


4. Details of checks and due diligence to be conducted on members of the supply chain

In order to protect the high levels of quality associated with our brand and even to continually improve these further, it has been our longstanding practice to require members of our supply chain to agree to a Code of Conduct in line with good business practice.

Côte is prepared to terminate its relationship with suppliers where they fail to meet the ethical business standards expected from them.

Due diligence on suppliers is not always limited to questionnaires. Côte also intends to hold face to face meetings with key suppliers to discuss the steps they have taken and are taking in order to ensure there is no slavery or human trafficking in their organisation or their own supply chain.


 5. Training

To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and our business, we have provided training to relevant members of staff. The training is mandatory for all General Managers and Head Chef’s, and is available to managers at all levels.


 6. Employment 

In the context of our own organisation, we are committed to the principle that those who work for us must have chosen their work freely and must be treated with dignity. Côte is committed to paying its workers no less than the applicable minimum wage.


 8. Violations 

Côte will take very seriously any instance of suppliers being involved directly or indirectly in modern slavery or human trafficking.  Côte's response to any such discovery will depend upon a number of factors. Where practicable, Côte will aim to work with the supplier and to provide it with assistance to adapt its practices to the expected standards.

Côte will not tolerate any of its officers or employees being involved in modern slavery or human trafficking.


 8. Risk assessment

Côte has identified its procurement and supply chain management are the areas of risk for the business.

Côte has identified as areas of elevated risk the supply of food ingredients.

Côte also recognises that its human resource division could also be at risk of exposure to slavery and trafficking.

These categories in particular will be an important (but not the sole) area of our due diligence and audit efforts and we will carry out regular risk assessments in respect of them.

We also believe that any risk assessment must be reviewed regularly to take account of any new information regarding modern slavery and human trafficking.

Any questions or queries in relation to this statement should be directed to: [email protected].

Signed: James Sherrington


Date: 09/04/2021